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- join me for a journey into the powerful wisdom that Feldenkrais work has to offer

This work is for you if you desire to integrate more flexibility and ease into your life and/or heal from stifling pain, find ways to live with a disability or after an accident.

You are invited to sign up for my 5-month-long 1:1 container called "Unlock your Potential through Movement" or book individual sessions à la carte.

How Feldenkrais - Mind Body Studies became such an integral part of my life


I have learned Feldenkrais - Mind Body Studies (MBS) - from three wonderful women: Mia Segal, Leora Gaster and my mother, Andrea.

I have joined professional MBS trainings for over 10 years and consider myself extremely lucky to have grown up in a household where this work was practiced all the time.

In late 2009 - after an accident that had left me in much pain - I began to join advanced trainings with Mia and Leora - which have helped me heal wonderfully.

When they offered a professional Foundation Training in 2014, I knew immediately that I wanted to sign up and dive even deeper into this method so that I could offer it to clients myself.

Today I see myself in this lineage of women who carry forth and keep on developing the richness of this work.

The Details & Investment

This is an in-depth experience tailored to your individual needs and desires.

Included in this program are:

A 75-minute Intake session

Fifteen 1:1 sessions with Rosa (we meet online via  Zoom)

In-between Voxer support (light voice/ text messaging support)

The investment is 2500€ for 5 months. Monthly payment plans are available. 

I also offer the option to book individual sessions à la carte. The price for the first session is 138€, follow-up sessions can be booked for 111€ per session.

You are invited to book a free consult call with me to find the option that is the best fit for you right now:


Questions & Answers

Q: Is this for me?

A: This work is for your if you're desiring a greater quality of life, more ease and less pain. 

It is also for you if you are recovering from an accident or emergency situation (such as a car accident, stroke, or sport accident for example) or learning to live with a disability and believe there must be a better way.

Or, perhaps you are a dancer, actress or singer or artist of some other kind and wish to fine-tune your skills even more.

Q: Do you only work with women?

A: All genders are welcome in my practice! 

Q: Can I come do this with you in person?

A: This offer is an online offer (we meet on Zoom). There are however options to work with me in person (I'm based near Frankfurt, Germany). You are welcome to reach out to me here.

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