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Private Coaching

This is a powerful space that can hold all of you - your desires, wishes and dreams, your fears and struggles.
1:1 work allows us the space to look at all facets of your life and / or focus on a more specific topic you desire concrete support around.
Wanting to create the life you most desire to live is so courageous and I'm right here with you to excavate, strategize and make those dreams come true! My support is the very special mix of the trauma resolution, intimacy work, embodiment methods I've studied and apply daily in my own life and with my clients, heaps of empathy and care, and a good dose of practicality and down-to-earthness.


The focus of our work together is on the present and the future. We will not linger in the spaces that feel dark and terrible but make more room for that which feels soft and pleasurable, and more bright.

When we focus on the less pleasant things that you have already made it through or are still in the process of moving through, we will do it in a way that allows us to resolve them, so that they eventually stop resurfacing with their current might and cease having power over you. 

What will guide us:

Your desires, dreams and hopes

What is good already in your life

What you are longing to create for yourself - you might know exactly what that is or we will find it together


Why does this work matter so much?

Because it will change the quality of your life so tremendously. What seemed impossible or scary to achieve will step by step become your reality. And, things get to change - your dreams, what you need will evolve. 

Your life will truly become yours, as you unveil more and more of what you want, of what works for you. 

We will follow what your body loves, your mind desires, and your soul craves.

Have you ever felt like all the boxes you're supposed to fit in are just too damn small?

Let's create more space for you


What I work with clients on during our sessions:

  • How you want to live and what would make your life feel so joyful and rich
  • Creating a path for yourself that is doable and leads you step by step to your goals

  • Making it out of difficult situations and (re-)igniting your inner strength and blueprint of health and happiness

  • Integrating more flexibility and ease into your life and/or healing from stifling pain, finding more easeful ways to live with a disability or after an accident
  • Trusting your intuition and figuring out what feels true for you

  • Learn to listen to your body (letting what makes you feel good guide you instead of constantly overriding it)

  • Establishing criteria for making decisions that you know you can trust

  • Which rules or suggestions from others feel right to follow and which don’t (think teachers, doctors, family, society)

  • Choose what you want to say yes to and what no to even if there’s social pressure

  • Gain the ability to move through intense emotions without feeling completely consumed by them & regulate and ground yourself after and during intense experiences

  • Weave a net for yourself that you really love - friends, community, partner(s)/lover(s)

  • Questions of identity & belonging

  • High sensitivity & creating a life that celebrates this special power of yours

  • Isolation & intimate belonging

  • The female cycle, sexuality & love

  • Healing from pain & difficulty - physically & emotionally

  • Dealing with medical professionals in a way that feels empowered

  • Forming a loving connection to your own body

  • Healing from surgery/ recovery after accidents

  • Disability

  • Inherited trauma & inherited strength

  • Life work, purpose & legacy

  • Clarity about big or small decisions

To learn more about my 1:1 for people who leave ultra-Orthodoxy, please click here:

The Details:

Private Coaching is open for enrollment now and includes 2 or 3 virtual (Zoom) calls per month, plus light text (or voice) messaging support in between calls with 6 and 12 month options available.

To inquire, please schedule a consultation call with me at the link below via Calendly.

"Working with Rosa was a blessing in my life. We worked together in a period of time when I was still figuring out what were going to be my next steps professionally. She helped me unterstand that I could follow my dreams even if the process to get there was different than what I had envisioned. We also worked together in building up my strength to speak up and communicate my boundaries and desires.
I would recommend working with Rosa to anyone in need of friendly support.
She is so great at showing you different perspectives and gives you a safe space for you to understand what are your own thoughts and what works for you, without any manipulation, at the end of the day she is truly there for you. And she is genuinely happy with your happiness and success."
Chaya Benavides
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