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Hi, I’m Rosa. I am a professional coach and feldenkrais practitioner with a focus on trauma resolution and intimacy with life, relationships, and leadership. 

My approach is both intuitive and intellectual. Mind-based and body-based. A lot of my work centers around supporting my clients on their healing journeys recovering from things that were outside of their personal control.

One of my greatest joys is witnessing my clients create the lives that make them feel most happy and fulfilled.

We make space for your softness, power, intuition, courage, and internal wisdom.

There’s space for all of you here!

It’s a collaborative journey towards you feeling amazing and so at home in your life, body and being!

Rosa Schmitthenner Coach & Feldenkrais Practitioner
"When you make a world tolerable for yourself, you make a world tolerable for others" - Anaïs Nin
Background & Education
How I came to this work:
I began joining professional Feldenkrais trainings at age 16, after an accident during a gym class in high school that had left me in much pain. My school was in many ways a cage for me, and joining the trainings that were each over a week long and a four hour train ride away from home, was an incredibly liberating experience. I just loved lying on the floor and doing the movements all of us experimented with, as well as watching Mia Segal or Leora Gaster (who invented the method together with Dr. Moshé Feldenkrais) work hands-on with people who had had a stroke, scoliosis, were recovering from an accident or had been born with a disability.
Some years later, I found what felt like the perfect addition to the work I had by then studied and applied for over 10 years in my own life and with clients:
A way of supporting people through Coaching that felt flexible and effective and really fun. So I went down another wonderful rabbit hole of studies. Learning about trauma resolution, a new paradigm of female leadership and way around money and intimacy with life and relationships. I have since supported many clients and students in creating the lives they desired for themselves. 

A special focus of my practice lies in supporting young women and men who left Jewish ultra-Orthodoxy.

My work in this realm is usually is a mix of the following: support with taking practical action towards your dreams & goals for life, finding your place in the world and healing from growing up in an intense religious setting. We’ll also take a look at: What do you definitely don’t want to be doing anymore and what did you actually like - which bridges would you like to build and which need to be ripped down and perhaps replaced with what you love more.

From 2018 until 2023, I co-led an organization where I supported young people who have left ultra-Orthodoxy, created and led a team of 30 volunteers, supported many other people who were part of our community, handled administration, and built a huge and sturdy network of support.


I have lived a few lives: In my late teens and early twenties, I have worked in film (as an actress and director), worked at and reorganized a vegan café, and co-owned an art gallery.

More personally...

  • I love water and feel best when close to the ocean or a lake

  • I have a passion for arranging flowers bouquets

  • My all-time favourite film is RainMan (a 1988 road-comedy drama with Dustin Hoffman)

  • When I discover a new song that I like, I play it on repeat for at least an hour

  • Secretly, I hope that one day I'll get to give Feldenkrais lessons to panthers (yes, you read that right!)

  • I am highly sensitive (I feel, see and hear a lot) and have a ton of emotional strength (don't listen to anyone who tells you those don't go together!)

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